Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mission Control 5/11

Guess I'll use this time before I get into writing to clear my head of a couple thoughts.

Just watched "Easy A" with Mer. Witty and snarky, but as such it used too much misdirection and didn't communicate well what it was about. It wasn't about teen sex, homosexuality or Christian hypocrisy. It was really about making people deal with their own crap. Honestly, it was a little disconcerting how self-absorbed everyone was.

Of course, it was all viewed through the lens of the Emma Stone character (literally, because of the webcast framing of the narrative). The characters in the movie were obsessed with how they compared or fit in with her. This was the weird part to me; it seemed like everyone in the school was obsessed with her and watching her every move. I suppose they exaggerated it to actually make it something (especially the pep rally at the end), but still. I just felt embarrassed for the student/faculty population.

It got me thinking about the decentralized character scheme Drew and I are working on now, though. The real truth of life is that anyone can become the main character, because everyone is fully developed into the person they've become. We don't want an examination of a single character type, we want dozens, perhaps a hundred characters overlapping in an odd spectrum of idiosyncrasies and experiences. That said, we do use convention by really focusing on maybe ten characters. And there are two characters close to us disclosing our bias. Andy and Thom have elements of each of us, however, so it balances.

It's like the new Pokemon. Hundreds of characters, each one with myriad differences and specialties, but then it's really about Reshiram and Zekrom. One version of the game light, the other dark, but each one having a core made up of the other inside. And then they all fight. And watch porn.

Durrr...maybe that's not quite right.