Friday, September 2, 2011

Death of Spider-Man

So, here's that project I worked on with Andrew Bates and Drew Lawson--it's a motion comic! This is the trailer; the full video will be posted soon.

We're all big fans of Ultimate Spider-Man, of course. I would honestly say Brian Bendis's voice is the voice I hear in my head when I think about comic books.

What did I do on this thing? Various little things, but mainly I was the story editor. So every time you say to yourself, "Hey, they skipped something, but this still makes sense," that was me.

Incidentally, every time you say, "Hey, they skipped something, and this doesn't make sense," that's all you. I can't always hold your hand, bud.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who I Am and What I Do Fall 2011

My name is Michael Griffin. I am a writer of comics, animation and occasionally short stories. Also, like every other writer in the world, I am writing a book. I am, alongside Drew Lawson, a co-creator at Zero Point Productions, where we almost exclusively work on our Southern web series, Valbrook. I update a blog for the character Thom at Cup of Conspiracy

Currently, we are finishing up work on a project with Andrew Bates. More on that later.

Where you can find me otherwise:

I post video-game-related blogs at Destructoid.

I rarely tweet.

It's been over two years since I posted anything on Myspace.

Hit me up at if you need something from me. 

Ha! That'd be a change of pace.

(Format stolen from Warren Ellis)