Big Game Hunter

The Big Game Hunter
Volume 20: The Goblins in our Shadows

(An excerpt from Chapter 1: Phoenix, Land of Ashes)

     There's a shadow world, a place of strangeness and timelessness cast by the light of our world, and it's where thought meets matter. Similar to how machine code shows us how language and math intersect, this world helps us understand the informational underpinnings of reality...that is, it would if we were even remotely able to interact or manipulate this world.
     Charles Fort projected its existence and dubbed it the “Super-Sargasso Sea.” He believed it to be a transitional dimension for all matter, but  was unable to do anything with it other than conjecture what that might mean for humanity. Also, he thought it was in the sky.
     Having visited this shadow dimension, I'm soaked in Sargassum radiation, though there aren't any instruments made yet that are fine-tuned to analyze me. Only one doctor on the planet can tell you what'll happen if you've been exposed to Sargassum radiation. He says I'll be fine. I don't trust him.
     One thing about the Sargasso Sea—it expands the dimensions of objects placed in it, unless certain precautions are observed. I've seen a merchant brigantine ship grow four times its original size, wood bubbling and stretching unnaturally. Suddenly, it wasn't so sea-worthy.
     “...Mr. Canton? Are you listening?” asks Routh. I believe that is her last name.
     “I'm retired,” I say.

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