Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comix Report 2/29/12

Ah--hello, there. It's been almooooost a couple months, yes? Unfortunately, I've not kept up with reviews, but the reason for that is simple: not much in comix is doin' it for me.

I mean, Defenders is lovely, just lovely. And Iron Man is working hard. And Amazing Spider-Man. And Ultimate Spider-Man. But they're not setting me afire at this particular moment. So I'm not inclined to tell you yet again why Justice League is disappointing and frustrating to me. Or why Secret Six needs to come back.

That said, I think I will report back next week, as that's CASANOVA DAYYYYYYYYYY oh wait oh shit that's not a 2 that's a 3?

Okay, so maybe I'll see you on 3/28 at least to tell you how exceptional the next Casanova is.


That said, I am working on my own comics project, Sinners. More on that at some point.

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