Sunday, November 1, 2015

Man, I forgot to say it Wednesday on the official date, but it's the two-year anniversary of the release of EVERYONE YOU HAVE EVER LOVED HAS DIED IN YOUR ARMS IN ANOTHER DIMENSION! That's right, it's finally learning how to walk on its own and I couldn't be more proud and embarrassed that it didn't start sooner.

From Monday until Friday, the digital version is FREE FIDDY! That's right, all you have to do is download the Amazon Kindle App to whatever device you're using and you can have an interdimensional collection of micro-fiction for free:

Wait, you want me to make money? That's sweet of you, but I really just put this book together to impress chicks! Okay, here's a bunch of ways you can buy the physical version:

1. I've got like ten or twelve copies on me right now that I'm selling for ten buckaroos apiece. I'll sign it with my special gold pen for you with an obscure quote of my choice. I will then buy ice cream or whisky with that crisp ten-dollar bill.

2. Live too far away? Well, I make the most money from CreateSpace, the place that prints it:

3. Wanna take advantage of Amazon's free super-saving shipping? Just order the physical copy off Amazon! Later, check your Matchbook page and get the digital copy for free!

Thanks to everyone who's already bought the book--you really make it worthwhile for me to spend years at my computer typing weird stuff. Hey, maybe leave a review on Amazon? It'd mean the world to me!


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